Don’t Buy Google Business Reviews

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Online business reviews can be either very good or bad for you. It is advantageous for both customers and for companies as they get connected to each other. Consumers also prefer not going to an “unknown“ store and the more good reviews there are, the more motivated they are to buy.

On the other hand, there are always customers who end up unhappy or have their expectations left unmet. These, unfortunately, are also the people who are likely to go online and rant about their experiences. In these cases, these negative reviews can prove very damaging to your business’ reputation and drive away potential clients.

Handling these negative reviews can be tough. Simply responding is, at times, not enough and may even make the situation worse. And because all of these discussions are public and online, then the damage to your company’s name continues.

The Solution: Get More Reviews?

Potential customers prefer to go to businesses that have a great reputation, as they expect a similarly positive experience during their purchase. However, getting happy clients to voluntarily leave their comments is not as straightforward.

Companies need as many good reviews as possible so that any bad ones get less weight. After all, most people are aware that there are always ones who are never satisfied but if they see that most buyers have been satisfied so far, then they will more likely to choose your business.

Some savvy people online try to capitalize on this need of businesses by providing fake reviews. For only a few dollars, they can provide positive feedback on Google to boost the reputation of the company. Because it is easy and cheap, tons of entrepreneurs out there have decided to try it out. But the important question is, should you really buy Google business reviews?

Doing so is very simple, just do a Google search for “buy fake reviews“ and with a lot less effort compared to actually getting real clients to leave comments, you can fill your business page with tons of praises.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Google Reviews

Your instinct should already tell you that fake reviews are not fair and exactly legal. The risks of fooling potential customers are also high and thus, the FTC has declared the practice illegal. While Google does not explicitly say so, fake feedback is still against their guidelines. In fact, trying to take such a shortcut can be damaging for your business.

  1. The Fines Will Cost You

On the outset, you might find your little investment on reviews to have a sweet ROI (return on investment). That is until you end up with a fine. When this happens (and it will, thanks to Google’s algorithms), you face paying up to $45,000 and losing your Google My Business Page.

  1. Your Reputation Suffers

While you think this positive feedback will make customers perceive you positively, being caught paying for fake reviews will ruin whatever name you have built for your business. Worse, people will wonder if your services or products are really good because you have to resort to buying reviews. Your reputation is very important to your success and you should never take the risk of destroying it.

  1. You Fail To Improve

Beyond glowing reviews, customers value great service. If they have things they are not satisfied with, the company will pay attention and make the necessary improvements. Even if you have a bad review, you can use this opportunity to show other clients that you care enough to respond and resolve the customer’s issue.

Keep It Real

Online reviews serve the important purpose of letting customers evaluate the businesses they interact with. This is helpful for potential clients to discern which to support. It is entirely possible to get positive reviews without sacrificing ethics. Here are some ways you can make this happen.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Getting their comments while they are still on your site is the most effective way to do it, as their experience is still very fresh and they will not have to exert any effort opening an email and going to another site.

  1. Make It Easy And Mobile

Text messages have been proven to be more successful than emails because they are most likely to be opened and read. You can also maximize certain apps to make it easy for them to leave their comments. Most people are scared off by unnecessary steps they need to take just to submit their reviews.

Great businesses do not need to resort to fake reviews to improve their reputation. Their service and products speak highly of them and in this connected world, word travels fast.