3 Emerging Trends In Dentistry Industry That You Should Know

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The dentistry industry is one that is rapidly growing. Recent innovations in dental products and services are now available to the public for reasonable prices, offering wider and better range of benefits. These breakthroughs are the main drivers of the industry’s growth and development. At the same time, they help shape the demands of the market. While there are many innovations, in this article you will learn at least 3 emerging dental trends that you may one day avail of:

Laser Technology

Laser technology may have surfaced about a decade ago but it has penetrated the dentistry industry only very recently. Thus, it is now being considered as one of the top 3 emerging trends for 2019 as it is expected to develop even more this year onwards in terms of risk mitigation, efficiency, pain management, and other related areas.

Lasers are less evasive, more accurate, and require less downtime compared to the traditional dental procedures like surgeries, whitening, and filling treatments. Problems that were previously unresolved or procedures that used to be painstakingly performed can now be fully treated and easily conducted, respectively. For instance, treating teeth sensitivity and extracting tumors were tasks formerly characterized with high level of difficultly and risk. But now, they can be offered to patients, both kids and adults, with increased confidence and accuracy. The risks are now better mitigated as well, thanks to laser technology.

One downside to laser technology is its cost. Apparently, laser-assisted treatments cost higher than their conventional counterparts. Ordinary dental cleaning costs about 80 USD while the deep cleaning ranges from $200 to 800, depending on the person’s dental condition. One can only imagine the high cost required to perform dental surgeries. Yet, like all other technological innovations, laser-assisted dental treatment prices may be significantly reduced in the long run.

Blockchain Technology

Nearly every industry is being revolutionized by blockchain, an innovation that brings to life a decentralized platform that deals with unalterable and widely-accessible data. The dentistry industry is no exception. In fact, the healthcare industry is one of the relevant industries that benefit from the decentralization agenda. Nowadays, you’ll notice blockchain-based applications, wallets, and coins especially created for the healthcare industry. For the dentistry industry alone, there is this Dentacoin, which has its own cryptocurrency and application. It answers the need for more affordable yet high-quality dental services.

Through Dentacoin, an Asian patient wishing to seek the expertise of an orthodontist based in the United States can very well do so without spending a large amount of cash or flying off to a foreign country. Consultations are online, fees are less costly, and transactions are fast. On the side of the dentists, the number of clients grows just as their income grows. Indeed, with blockchain technology, the playing field is leveled off as even those less privileged patients now have equal access to exceptional dental services. Most importantly, there is a reduced chance for cheating or corrupting because of the platform’s transparency. Expect then that in the next few years, more blockchain-based dental-related applications will go live.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence or AI has never been this widespread. Gradually, businesses are adapting to this emerging trend and dental practitioners are not lagging behind. The concept of emotional dentistry, which allows patients to see their future smiles through digital alterations, actually uses AI. Emotional dentistry tests the patients’ emotional commitment to their would-be appearance if their entire set of pearls or a portion thereof is permanently altered. This strategy avoids patient shock, reduces the likelihood of regret, and facilitates a smoother transition into the patient’s new look. The goal is to increase the patient’s satisfaction and AI insofar is realizing its intention.

AI is also being embedded into some blockchain applications, which is a good strategy as the platform is more liberal, compared to the conventional web-based applications. Expect more of this winning combination to sprout online in the coming years.

The dentistry industry is indeed thriving, especially now with the many technological breakthroughs emerging. These innovations not only benefit the patients, but even more so the dentists and the entire industry. Do not be surprised then if you find yourself availing of a dental service that combines all three – laser technology, blockchain, and AI.